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Apologia Supplements

Apologia Supplements

Welcome to your resource for supplements to the Apologia Science products. 
Apologia Science is an exciting and comprehensive homeschool science curriculum that is known
throughout the world. It is an excellent choice for your elementary, middle, and high school students.
Knowledge Box Central provides supplements for all grade levels.

These supplements include Vocabulary Flash Cards, Lapbooks, and Lapbook Journals.
Our supplements come in ebook (downloads), CD, Printed, Assembled, and Kit formats, depending on
which product you need. Please note that ALL of Knowledge Box Central’s Apologia supplements
were approved by Apologia. We have a contract with them and must meet their rigorous standards.
This means that you and your students can confidently use our supplements and know that you are getting
the best supplements available for this curriculum.



Here is a quote from the owner of Apologia Science, Davis Carman: 

"The use of Lapbooks is a creative way to enhance the educational process with children.

And the ones developed by Knowledge Box Central are excellent supplements to the Apologia textbooks

allowing for wonderful hands-on learning opportunities for students.”

Davis Carman, President
Apologia Educational Ministries

Apologia Vocabulary Flash Cards

Apologia Science, at all grade levels, is a very vocabulary-rich curriculum.  The student’s knowledge and understanding of the vocabulary words throughout each chapter is of the utmost importance in his success within the curriculum.  Knowledge Box Central provides your student with Vocabulary Flash Cards that specifically coordinate with each chapter of the textbook.  Yes, students could make their own flash cards, but purchasing ours ensures that the cards are accurate and legible, making studying much more successful.


Apologia Elementary Science Supplements

(Young Explorer Series)

In Apologia’s elementary science books, the “Young Explorer” series, you will find questions at the end of each Lesson (Chapter).  These questions are very important for the student to be able to answer in order to have a full understanding of the topics.  Knowledge Box Central has created hands-on, interactive alternatives to notebooks, and they are called Lapbooks.  They consist of small foldable booklets that the student creates while working through the curriculum.  The student answers questions inside the booklets and then glues the booklets into folders (lapbook base) or a notebook.  All of the booklet templates and instructions are included.  These are beautiful creations that the student will enjoy displaying and showing off!





Apologia Middle & High School Supplements

Apologia science’s middle and high school science curriculum is very challenging, but it is the most comprehensive science curriculum on the market.  Our Lapbook Journals help the student to take this challenging information and document it in a way that makes it a little easier to digest, much easier to organize and document, and much more fun to explore.  Each Lapbook Journal includes journaling pages, optional lapbook booklet pages, and lab report pages.  Depending on which textbook you are using, the Lapbook Journal includes On Your Own Questions, Study Guide Questions, Review Questions, Practice Questions, Lab Experiments & Reports, and Module Summaries.  Everything is kept in a 3-ring binder, where the student will have a very well-organized record of everything he has learned.


We also carry supplements for:

Apologia Worldview Supplements (What We Believe Series)

Apologia's What We Believe Series is a four-part series designed to not
only help your student understand what impacts the development of their worldview,
but also to aide them in shaping their attempt to shape a biblical Christian worldview.
Our lapbooks help your student record this information in a fun way that also helps
them retain what they are learning, and enjoy going back to them for review or referrence.