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Classroom Management

Classroom Management

Classroom Management

In this section you will find products on so many different types of products!

~Brag Tags~

Brag Tags are the perfect tool to breathe some life into your classroom behavior management system!
If you've tried stickers and stamps, or gone broke filling up your treasure chest, these tags will be just the
answer you've been looking for. Your students will begin to show motivation to work hard towards their
behavior and academic goals.

These labels can be very useful in the classroom! Here are a few ideas for how:

Labeling Classroom Supplies – This can prove helpful in early childhood classrooms, special education classrooms and classroom with students who are learning to speak English. This can be especially helpful to those students who are emergent readers or those who are new to the country and can benefit from the picture support.

Flash Cards – Once students have had an opportunity to become familiar with the cards, the image portion of the larger cards may be folded back, allowing them to be used as flashcards.

Interactive Notebooks– Students can glue the smaller cards into their notebooks, providing them with a reference tool. Another option might be to challenge students to group the cards by type (i.e. writing instruments, adhesives, items that hold items together, etc.).

~Posters & Signs~
We currently provide posters and signs for Alphabets, Numbers, Classroom Subjects, as well as Positional & Conditional Words! These posters and signs are full of vibrant colors and your students will love them!

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