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State History

State History

State History Lapbooks

Lapbooks are a 3-dimensional way for the student to document the information that he is learning. They include 25 – 30 interactive foldable booklets that the student will cut out, fold, and assemble.  The booklets are glued into a Lapbook Base (instructions are included for how to make these) OR glued into a notebook.  The booklets cover all of the major areas of State History, including population, land area, statehood, bordering states, bodies of water, weather, state flower, state tree, state animal, state quarter, state map, state flag, recipes, famous people, and MORE! The student will create a project that is fun to create, show off, and use for review.

These are suitable for K – 8th

State History Lapbook Journals


These are a combination of a Lapbook and a Journal. The student will create 5 – 10 booklets similar to the ones in the Lapbooks above.  However, all other State History topics will be documented in a journaling style on the decorative pages provided.  This option gives a little of both worlds – hands on AND workbook style combined in one notebook.

This option is suitable for 6th – 12th


State Symbol Interactive Foldable Booklets

These are booklets that the student creates (print, cut, fold!) and then documents what he is learning on the pages of that booklet. Our State History related interactive foldable booklets cover all the state symbols for the chosen state.  These can be glued into their notebook.

These are suitable for ALL grade levels.

State History ~ In A Nutshell~ Study Guides

These "In A Nutshell" products are complete and comprehensive study guides that can be used as a Teacher's Guide or Reference Resource for the student.

There are no activites, quizzes or reviews included in these products. They are strictly content material on each topic.

These are suitable for ALL grade levels. However, young students may need assistance with reading the text.